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  1. oncecoolcoachnowmom

    All-Star NCA 2023

    I can’t believe it’s time for this already, but I figured I would start the thread. If you want to talk, predictions, go for it. I’m actually going to be able to watch this entire weekend so I’m pretty excited. It rarely happens. Notable changes: ALL Worlds teams and I believe J6 are all in...
  2. LittleMissA17

    High School NCA High School Nationals 2023

    NCA Nationals is this week! Performance Order Day 1: Performance Order Day 2: For everyone competing (and coaches too, please take a long nap after...
  3. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Happy Birthday, Cheerleading!

    Cheerleading will be celebrating its 124th birthday on Wednesday. Thoughts?
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College 2021 Nca College Nationals

    The order of competition has been released. I don't think the University of Louisville is listed but I could be wrong.
  5. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2021 Nca High School Nationals

    Is anybody excited?

    All-Star Quiz: Do You Remember The Nca 2020 Results As Well As You Think You Do?

    Take the quiz to see!
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College Nca/nda College Social Media Showcase

    NCA College Nationals - National Cheerleaders Association About Social Media Showcase We understand and appreciate the hard work, time and sacrifice that teams have put in to preparing for the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship. Due to the cancellation of the event, we would like...
  8. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Nca All-star Nationals 2020

    Anybody competing at the 2020 NCA All-Star Nationals this weekend?
  9. Kentucky Girl

    High School Alternates

    What it is like to be an alternate for the Nationals?
  10. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca Camp Or Nca Camp

    Which college camp tends to have more schools, UCA College Camp or NCA College Camp?
  11. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Nca College Nationals

    I notice that very few college teams compete at the NCA College Nationals as opposed to the UCA College Nationals. Sure there are top teams like Louisville, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and SFA, but the competition is rather light down in Daytona. Thoughts?
  12. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Nca College Nationals

    The 2018 NCA College Nationals are coming up soon. Anybody excited?
  13. Emily

    All-Star Nca Allstar Nationals 2018 Updates

    I'll update this post later with all of the important links but wanted to get the thread started. Edit: NCA Google doc - only update if you know what you are doing. If you don't know how to work the doc: write things that need to be changed in this thread and let someone knowledgeable change...
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca & Nca To Feature Game Day Divisions For 2018

    This: Game Day is steadily growing each and every year! In previous years on day one at NCA & NDA College Nationals, the Game Day portion of each routine took place right before the traditional two minute and fifteen second music portion in Prelims. Each team was given 45 seconds to complete...
  15. Kentucky Girl

    College States

    I notice that colleges in Kentucky (except for Louisville), Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota and Indiana tend to compete for UCA whereas colleges in Texas, Oklahoma (except for the Oklahoma Sooners), North Carolina and South Carolina tend to compete for NCA and colleges in California...
  16. Drkilluzionz

    College Fiu (miami, Fl) Sm Coed At Nca Nationals!

    FIU has tryouts May 8-10. In preparation we've made this video recap of our College Nationals experience. Please share with your juniors and seniors and let them know we offer priority registration, book/lab scholarships per semester and use of the athletic training staff and facilities.
  17. Kentucky Girl

    High School Male Flyers

    I noticed that it is pretty common to see a male cheerleader fly in a basket toss at the NCA Nationals (Texas Tech, for example had a guy fly in a x-out full basket toss in the Nationals routine) but never at the UCA Nationals. How common are male cheerleaders who fly in baskets and stunts?
  18. thesneakyANDcount

    All-Star I Made A Video About My Gym's First Ever Trip To Nca Nationals

    I coach and also make videos. I've posted cheer videos on here before every now and then, but these ones are special. My gym went to NCA for the first time this year! I'm really proud of them and of how these turned out. I would love for you to check em out! Part 1 Part 2
  19. C

    All-Star Reddit Style Ama Request - Justin Carrier

    I would love to see a Reddit style "Ask Me Anything" on the Fierce Board with Justin Carrier. Does anyone have the cache to make that happen or should we just tweet him and ask? I think it would be a great way to see where allstar is heading and also discuss some of the issues people are...
  20. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 Nca College Nationals

    The performance order is out!