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Sep 12, 2020

NCA Nationals might be moved to another city - here's why...​

Plans to relocate NCA Nationals (aka the largest cheer competition in the world) have been discussed since last year, but have recently made headlines again.

It all started last year when it was announced that the city council members in Dallas approved a plan to construct a new $4 billion convention center (article) - intending to replace the current NCA arena.

Now, it looks like they're officially considering applications from other venues to host the competition, as this LinkedIn post says:

Here’s some of what the link from the post above says:

“The National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) is seeking a host site for its AII-Star National Championship and its NCA High School National Championship between 2026 and 2031. Both are among the most prestigious events in the industry.”
“Attendees: 25,000 participants and 38,000 spectators (All-Star); 5,000 participants and 7,500 spectators (High School)
Estimated Total Hotel Room Nights: Approx 38,000 (All-Star); 8,000 (High School)
Economic Impact: Approx $65 million (All-Star); $15 Million (High School). Figures based on 2023 events.”
Click here to read the entire information.
Now everyone is sharing their opinions on where the competition should be moved, and there are countless suggestions for venues around the US 🗺️

We want to hear from you too! Where do you think NCA should be held?

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For NCA Nationals, there are only 7 convention centers that have over 1 million sq ft of exhibition space (Kay Bailey Hutchison's size). The following are who have the same or more exhibition space as Kay Bailey according to Wikipedia:

1. McCormick Place (Chicago, IL)
2. Orange County CC (Orlando, FL)
3. Las Vegas CC
4. Georgia World CC (Atlanta)
5. New Orleans Morial CC
6. International Expo Center (Cleveland)
7. Pennsylvania CC

Name- Location- Exhibition Space- Total Space
McCormick Place*Chicago2,670,000 sq ft (248,000 m2)[8]9,000,000 sq ft (840,000 m2)[9]
Orange County Convention Center*Orlando, Florida2,100,000 sq ft (200,000 m2).7,000,000 sq ft (650,000 m2)[10]
Las Vegas Convention Center*Las Vegas2,500,000 sq ft (230,000 m2)4,600,000 sq ft (430,000 m2)[11]
Georgia World Congress Center*Atlanta1,500,000 sq ft (140,000 m2)3,900,000 sq ft (360,000 m2)[12]
Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterNew York City850,000 sq ft (79,000 m2)[13]3,300,000 sq ft (310,000 m2)[14]
New Orleans Morial Convention Center*New Orleans, Louisiana1,100,000 sq ft (100,000 m2)3,100,000 sq ft (290,000 m2)
America's CenterSt. Louis523,000 sq ft (48,600 m2)2,700,000 sq ft (250,000 m2)
San Diego Convention CenterSan Diego615,700 sq ft (57,200 m2)2,600,000 sq ft (240,000 m2)[15]
Huntington PlaceDetroit723,500 sq ft (67,220 m2)2,400,000 sq ft (220,000 m2)
Walter E. Washington Convention CenterWashington, D.C.703,000 sq ft (65,300 m2)2,300,000 sq ft (210,000 m2)[16]
Sands Expo and Convention CenterLas Vegas936,600 sq ft (87,010 m2)2,250,000 sq ft (209,000 m2)[17]
International Exposition Center (I-X Center)*Cleveland1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)2,200,000 sq ft (200,000 m2)[18]
Colorado Convention CenterDenver584,000 sq ft (54,300 m2)2,200,000 sq ft (200,000 m2)
Mandalay Bay Convention CenterLas Vegas861,231 sq ft (80,011.0 m2)2,100,000 sq ft (200,000 m2)[19]
Music City CenterNashville, Tennessee350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2)2,100,000 sq ft (200,000 m2)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center*Dallas1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2)
Pennsylvania Convention Center*Philadelphia1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2)[20][21]
Moscone Convention CenterSan Francisco700,000 sq ft (65,000 m2)2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2)
George R. Brown Convention CenterHouston853,000 sq ft (79,200 m2)1,800,000 sq ft (170,000 m2)
Greater Columbus Convention CenterColumbus, Ohio447,000 sq ft (41,500 m2)1,800,000 sq ft (170,000 m2)
Anaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, California815,000 sq ft (75,700 m2)[22]1,600,000 sq ft (150,000 m2)
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention CenterSan Antonio514,000 sq ft (47,800 m2)[23]1,500,000 sq ft (140,000 m2)
David L. Lawrence Convention CenterPittsburgh330,000 sq ft (31,000 m2)1,450,000 sq ft (135,000 m2)
NRG CenterHouston706,000 sq ft (65,600 m2)1,400,000 sq ft (130,000 m2)
Indiana Convention CenterIndianapolis566,600 sq ft (52,640 m2)1,300,000 sq ft (120,000 m2)
Baltimore Convention CenterBaltimore425,000 sq ft (39,500 m2)1,225,000 sq ft (113,800 m2)
Kentucky Exposition CenterLouisville, Kentucky1,200,000 sq ft (110,000 m2)
CenturyLink Center OmahaOmaha, Nebraska194,000 sq ft (18,000 m2)[24]1,100,000 sq ft (100,000 m2)[25]
Hawaii Convention CenterHonolulu1,100,000 sq ft (100,000 m2)
World Equestrian CenterOcala, Florida1,026,500 sq ft (95,360 m2)1,036,100 sq ft (96,260 m2)
Cleveland Convention Center and Global Center for Health InnovationCleveland767,000 sq ft (71,300 m2)1,002,000 sq ft (93,100 m2)[26]
Donald E. Stephens Convention CenterRosemont, Illinois840,000 sq ft (78,000 m2)1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)
Miami Beach Convention CenterMiami Beach, Florida502,000 sq ft (46,600 m2)1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)
Atlantic City Convention CenterAtlantic City, New Jersey500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2)1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)
Oregon Convention CenterPortland, Oregon255,000 sq ft (23,700 m2)1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2)
Seattle Convention CenterSeattle485,150 sq ft (45,072 m2)988,422 sq ft (91,827.4 m2)
Boston Convention and Exhibition CenterBoston516,000 sq ft (47,900 m2)976,000 sq ft (90,700 m2)
Phoenix Convention CenterPhoenix, Arizona312,000 sq ft (29,000 m2)900,000 sq ft (84,000 m2)
Austin Convention CenterAustin, Texas246,092 sq ft (22,862.7 m2)881,400 sq ft (81,880 m2)
Los Angeles Convention CenterLos Angeles720,000 sq ft (67,000 m2)867,000 sq ft (80,500 m2)
Charlotte Convention CenterCharlotte, North Carolina280,000 sq ft (26,000 m2)850,000 sq ft (79,000 m2)[27]
Bartle Hall Convention CenterKansas City, Missouri388,000 sq ft (36,000 m2)[28]800,000 sq ft (74,000 m2)[29]
Georgia National Fairgrounds and AgricenterPerry, Georgia738,204 sq ft (68,581.4 m2)781,831 sq ft (72,634.5 m2)
Salt Palace Convention CenterSalt Lake City515,000 sq ft (47,800 m2)679,000 sq ft (63,100 m2)
Greensboro Coliseum ComplexGreensboro, North Carolina200,988 sq ft (18,672.4 m2)647,000 sq ft (60,100 m2)
Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo CenterHarrisburg, Pennsylvania593,872 sq ft (55,172.5 m2)634,507 sq ft (58,947.6 m2)
Broward County Convention CenterFt. Lauderdale, Florida350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2)600,000 sq ft (56,000 m2)
Tampa Convention CenterTampa, Florida200,000 sq ft600,000 sq ft (56,000 m2)
Long Beach Convention and Entertainment CenterLong Beach, California299,000 sq ft (27,800 m2)572,387 sq ft (53,176.5 m2)
Expo SquareTulsa, Oklahoma570,508 sq ft (53,001.9 m2)
San Jose Convention CenterSan Jose, California165,000 sq ft (15,300 m2)550,000 sq ft (51,000 m2)
Alliant Energy CenterMadison, Wisconsin495,000 sq ft (46,000 m2)522,900 sq ft (48,580 m2)
Mississippi State Fair groundsJackson, Mississippi458,449 sq ft (42,591.3 m2)505,449 sq ft (46,957.7 m2)
Raleigh Convention CenterRaleigh, North Carolina150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2)500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2)
Suburban Collection ShowplaceNovi, Michigan305,000 sq ft (28,300 m2)460,000 sq ft (43,000 m2)
Hynes Convention CenterBoston176,480 sq ft (16,396 m2)[30]427,800 sq ft (39,740 m2)[31]
Spokane Convention CenterSpokane, Washington120,000 sq ft (11,000 m2)390,000 sq ft (36,000 m2)
Lancaster Event CenterLincoln, Nebraska358,453 sq ft (33,301.4 m2)387,153 sq ft (35,967.7 m2)
Reno-Sparks Convention CenterReno, Nevada381,000 sq ft (35,400 m2)
Duke Energy Convention CenterCincinnati, Ohio195,320 sq ft (18,146 m2)366,200 sq ft (34,020 m2)
Illinois State FairgroundsSpringfield, Illinois334,406 sq ft (31,067.3 m2)358,882 sq ft (33,341.2 m2)
Eastern States Exposition ComplexWest Springfield, Massachusetts355,400 sq ft (33,020 m2)
FairplexPomona, California312,820 sq ft (29,062 m2)342,820 sq ft (31,849 m2)
Brazos County ExpoBryan, Texas293,000 sq ft (27,200 m2)341,000 sq ft (31,700 m2)
Greenville Convention CenterGreenville, South Carolina280,000 sq ft (26,000 m2)340,000 sq ft (32,000 m2)
Portland Expo CenterPortland, Oregon324,000 sq ft (30,100 m2)339,433 sq ft (31,534.4 m2)
Birmingham Jefferson Convention ComplexBirmingham, Alabama220,000 sq ft (20,000 m2)320,000 sq ft (30,000 m2)
Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention CenterBiloxi, Mississippi158,112 sq ft (14,689.1 m2)314,221 sq ft (29,192.1 m2)
Amarillo National Center/Tri-State Expo CenterAmarillo, Texas219,150 sq ft (20,360 m2)311,180 sq ft (28,910 m2)
SAFE Credit Union Convention CenterSacramento, California159,709 sq ft (14,837.5 m2)308,952 sq ft (28,702.6 m2)
Georgia International Convention CenterCollege Park, Georgia150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2)295,000 sq ft (27,400 m2)
Albuquerque Convention CenterAlbuquerque, New Mexico166,543 sq ft (15,472.4 m2)280,837 sq ft (26,090.6 m2)
Iowa Events CenterDes Moines, Iowa150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2)280,132 sq ft (26,025.1 m2)
Earth Expo and Sky Convention CentersUncasville, Connecticut125,000 sq ft (11,600 m2)275,000 sq ft (25,500 m2)
Tony Nelssen Equestrian CenterScottsdale, Arizona274,000 sq ft (25,500 m2)
RiverCentre/Roy Wilkins Auditorium/Xcel Energy CenterSt. Paul, Minnesota159,800 sq ft (14,850 m2)266,290 sq ft (24,739 m2)
Prime F. Osborn III Convention CenterJacksonville, Florida265,000 sq ft (24,600 m2)
Greater Richmond Convention CenterRichmond, Virginia178,158 sq ft (16,551.4 m2)258,708 sq ft (24,034.8 m2)
Mountain America Exposition CenterSandy, Utah243,000 sq ft (22,600 m2)258,000 sq ft (24,000 m2)
Del Mar FairgroundsDel Mar, California232,050 sq ft (21,558 m2)252,050 sq ft (23,416 m2)
Cow PalaceDaly City, California170,254 sq ft (15,817.1 m2)250,000 sq ft (23,000 m2)
Renasant Convention CenterMemphis, Tennessee125,000 sq ft (11,600 m2)249,623 sq ft (23,190.7 m2)
Burton ComplexLake Charles, Louisiana235,000 sq ft (21,800 m2)243,000 sq ft (22,600 m2)
Maryland State FairgroundsTimonium, Maryland215,550 sq ft (20,025 m2)240,020 sq ft (22,299 m2)
Greater Philadelphia Expo CenterOaks, Pennsylvania240,000 sq ft (22,000 m2)
Century II Convention and Performing Arts CenterWichita, Kansas198,800 sq ft (18,470 m2)238,080 sq ft (22,118 m2)
Mobile Convention CenterMobile, Alabama100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)234,106 sq ft (21,749.2 m2)
Arizona State FairgroundsPhoenix, Arizona213,080 sq ft (19,796 m2)232,424 sq ft (21,592.9 m2)
Wisconsin CenterMilwaukee, Wisconsin188,695 sq ft (17,530.3 m2)226,201 sq ft (21,014.8 m2)
International Agri-CenterTulare, California193,300 sq ft (17,960 m2)221,966 sq ft (20,621.3 m2)
Statehouse Convention CenterLittle Rock, Arkansas82,892 sq ft (7,700.9 m2)220,000 sq ft (20,000 m2)
Tucson Convention CenterTucson, Arizona133,840 sq ft (12,434 m2)218,821 sq ft (20,329.1 m2)
Cobb Galleria CentreCumberland, Georgia144,000 sq ft (13,400 m2)218,500 sq ft (20,300 m2)
Devos Place Convention CenterGrand Rapids, Michigan162,000 sq ft (15,100 m2)217,643 sq ft (20,219.7 m2)
Montana Expo ParkGreat Falls, Montana179,280 sq ft (16,656 m2)210,279 sq ft (19,535.6 m2)
Virginia Beach Convention CenterVirginia Beach, Virginia150,012 sq ft (13,936.6 m2)210,264 sq ft (19,534.2 m2)
Deschutes County Expo CenterRedmond, Oregon175,934 sq ft (16,344.8 m2)209,670 sq ft (19,479 m2)
Glass City Center/Huntington CenterToledo, Ohio95,400 sq ft (8,860 m2)205,128 sq ft (19,057.0 m2)
American Bank CenterCorpus Christi, Texas100,500 sq ft (9,340 m2)202,331 sq ft (18,797.2 m2)
Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center and Amsoil ArenaDuluth, Minnesota106,832 sq ft (9,925.0 m2)202,194 sq ft (18,784.4 m2)
Bismarck Event CenterBismarck, North Dakota146,000 sq ft (13,600 m2)200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2)
Broadmoor Convention CenterColorado Springs, Colorado92,500 sq ft (8,590 m2)200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2)
Tucson Expo CenterTucson, Arizona138,987 sq ft (12,912.3 m2)199,512 sq ft (18,535.3 m2)
Lane Events CenterEugene, Oregon153,980 sq ft (14,305 m2)194,438 sq ft (18,063.9 m2)
Charleston Area Convention Center/North Charleston ColiseumNorth Charleston, South Carolina106,960 sq ft (9,937 m2)192,241 sq ft (17,859.8 m2)
North Dakota State Fair Center/All Seasons ArenaMinot, North Dakota135,280 sq ft (12,568 m2)192,176 sq ft (17,853.7 m2)
Connecticut Convention CenterHartford, Connecticut140,000 sq ft (13,000 m2)191,500 sq ft (17,790 m2)
Von Braun CenterHuntsville, Alabama148,320 sq ft (13,779 m2)191,320 sq ft (17,774 m2)
National Cattle Congress ComplexWaterloo, Iowa157,280 sq ft (14,612 m2)190,930 sq ft (17,738 m2)
Peoria Civic CenterPeoria, Illinois136,068 sq ft (12,641.1 m2)189,090 sq ft (17,567 m2)
Raising Cane's River CenterBaton Rouge, Louisiana100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)185,220 sq ft (17,208 m2)
San Mateo County Event CenterSan Mateo, California181,780 sq ft (16,888 m2)182,440 sq ft (16,949 m2)
Roland E. Powell Convention CenterOcean City, Maryland182,200 sq ft (16,930 m2)
Resch Center and ExpoGreen Bay, Wisconsin153,563 sq ft (14,266.5 m2)180,218 sq ft (16,742.8 m2)
Ocean CenterDaytona Beach, Florida135,174 sq ft (12,558.1 m2)179,078 sq ft (16,636.9 m2)
Allen County War Memorial ColiseumFort Wayne, Indiana152,000 sq ft (14,100 m2)179,000 sq ft (16,600 m2)
Fair Expo CenterSweetwater, Florida162,521 sq ft (15,098.7 m2)178,063 sq ft (16,542.6 m2)
OncenterSyracuse, New York143,939 sq ft (13,372.4 m2)177,329 sq ft (16,474.4 m2)
Multipurpose Event CenterWichita Falls, Texas177,300 sq ft (16,470 m2)
Knoxville Convention CenterKnoxville, Tennessee119,922 sq ft (11,141.1 m2)173,222 sq ft (16,092.9 m2)
Albany Capital Center/Empire State Plaza/MVP ArenaAlbany, New York113,248 sq ft (10,521.1 m2)172,798 sq ft (16,053.5 m2)
York Expo CenterYork, Pennsylvania161,914 sq ft (15,042.3 m2)172,545 sq ft (16,030.0 m2)
Bell County Expo CenterBelton, Texas149,000 sq ft (13,800 m2)170,900 sq ft (15,880 m2)
Springfield Expo Center/University Plaza Convention CenterSpringfield, Missouri98,000 sq ft (9,100 m2)170,000 sq ft (16,000 m2)
The MonumentRapid City, South Dakota122,702 sq ft (11,399.4 m2)169,552 sq ft (15,751.9 m2)
Stormont Vail Events CenterTopeka, Kansas149,403 sq ft (13,880.0 m2)167,203 sq ft (15,533.7 m2)
Linn County Expo CenterAlbany, Oregon159,000 sq ft (14,800 m2)167,000 sq ft (15,500 m2)
Rhode Island Convention CenterProvidence, Rhode Island100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)167,000 sq ft (15,500 m2)
Taylor County Expo CenterAbilene, Texas137,000 sq ft (12,700 m2)163,000 sq ft (15,100 m2)
Benton Convention CenterWinston-Salem, North Carolina162,600 sq ft (15,110 m2)
Chattanooga Convention CenterChattanooga, Tennessee100,800 sq ft (9,360 m2)160,580 sq ft (14,918 m2)
Denny Sanford Premier Center/Sioux Falls Arena and Convention CenterSioux Falls, South Dakota100,400 sq ft (9,330 m2)160,000 sq ft (15,000 m2)
Extraco Events CenterWaco, Texas157,818 sq ft (14,661.8 m2)158,560 sq ft (14,731 m2)
Alerus CenterGrand Forks, North Dakota99,600 sq ft (9,250 m2)156,188 sq ft (14,510.3 m2)
Dena'ina Civic and Convention CenterAnchorage, Alaska72,240 sq ft (6,711 m2)154,444 sq ft (14,348.3 m2)
Gas South Arena and Convention CenterDuluth, Georgia107,000 sq ft (9,900 m2)153,422 sq ft (14,253.4 m2)
Island GroveGreeley, Colorado112,400 sq ft (10,440 m2)151,138 sq ft (14,041.2 m2)
New Jersey Convention and Exhibition CenterEdison, New Jersey135,000 sq ft (12,500 m2)150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2)
Central Bank Center/Rupp ArenaLexington, Kentucky100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2)
Mayo Civic CenterRochester, Minnesota66,010 sq ft (6,133 m2)149,306 sq ft (13,871.0 m2)
Golden Spike Event CenterOgden, Utah100,610 sq ft (9,347 m2)149,250 sq ft (13,866 m2)
Chisholm Trail Expo CenterEnid, Oklahoma118,928 sq ft (11,048.8 m2)148,405 sq ft (13,787.3 m2)
South Carolina State FairgroundsColumbia, South Carolina138,136 sq ft (12,833.3 m2)147,956 sq ft (13,745.6 m2)
Buffalo County Exposition Center/Ag Pavilion/Exhibit BuildingKearney, Nebraska136,500 sq ft (12,680 m2)146,500 sq ft (13,610 m2)
MetraparkBillings, Montana145,400 sq ft (13,510 m2)
Ector County ColiseumOdessa, Texas145,000 sq ft (13,500 m2)
Palm Beach County Convention CenterWest Palm Beach, Florida100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)143,000 sq ft (13,300 m2)
Tacoma DomeTacoma, Washington138,800 sq ft (12,890 m2)
Klamath County Event CenterKlamath Falls, Oregon128,225 sq ft (11,912.5 m2)137,425 sq ft (12,767.2 m2)
Judson F. Williams Convention CenterEl Paso, Texas80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2)133,000 sq ft (12,400 m2)
Myrtle Beach Convention CenterMyrtle Beach, South Carolina100,800 sq ft (9,360 m2)132,041 sq ft (12,267.0 m2)
Oregon State Fair and Exposition CenterSalem, Oregon114,504 sq ft (10,637.8 m2)131,102 sq ft (12,179.8 m2)
Palm Springs Convention CenterPalm Springs, California92,545 sq ft (8,597.7 m2)128,450 sq ft (11,933 m2)
FargodomeFargo, North Dakota100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2)128,379 sq ft (11,926.8 m2)
McGee ParkFarmington, New Mexico78,500 sq ft (7,290 m2)124,118 sq ft (11,530.9 m2)
Lansing CenterLansing, Michigan71,760 sq ft (6,667 m2)124,118 sq ft (11,530.9 m2)
National Orange Show Events CenterSan Bernardino, California96,000 sq ft (8,900 m2)124,100 sq ft (11,530 m2)
Western North Carolina Agricultural CenterFletcher, North Carolina101,550 sq ft (9,434 m2)121,150 sq ft (11,255 m2)
Buffalo Niagara Convention CenterBuffalo, New York64,000 sq ft (5,900 m2)110,000 sq ft (10,000 m2)
i could see it going to atlanta, solely based on the convenience of how large the Atlanta airport is as a hub for transportation. Or maybe a different location in texas.
And i think parents and gyms alike would straight riot if it came to florida, ha.
Dallas was always a bad travel experience for me, from weather that the city was unprepared for, to taxis jacking prices. The condition of the arena was often poor with filthy restrooms and discarded trash under the seats and in the aisles, not to mention how impossible it is to get in and see your team compete. One year we were struggling just to get any food, as workers for the restaurant and hotel were unable to get to work in the weather.
It would be great to keep NCA out west though, so every competition isn't in the southeast, Georgia and Florida. I did not enjoy traveling to the same place multiple times a season.
also want to mention, would they really even consider moving to a smaller venue? i mean the logistics of how crazy nca has gotten i want to imagine they are looking for a bigger venue, or a venue that has more potential to have more competition floors, to make things run smoother.
Unless its solely due to money and business reasons, and they want to keep the tradition of nca only having one competition space, maybe.
also want to mention, would they really even consider moving to a smaller venue? i mean the logistics of how crazy nca has gotten i want to imagine they are looking for a bigger venue, or a venue that has more potential to have more competition floors, to make things run smoother.
Unless its solely due to money and business reasons, and they want to keep the tradition of nca only having one competition space, maybe.
I doubt they would move it to a smaller venue, but I guess it depends on what's available and what they can negotiate. I would hope they would return to KBH after it's rebuilt, but at a $2 billion price tag...well, it would be interesting to see the before and after pricing on those contracts. It doesn't logistically make sense to move it out of the South or Southeast because that's where their greatest cheer population resides, and the weather is generally a better guarantee against ice and snow in Feb. and Mar.

Something they could do, is go to a place with both exhibition halls and larger ballrooms. While it's not ideal, they could use the exhibition floors for higher levels and the larger lower level divisions, and ballrooms for lower levels with fewer teams. I doubt ceiling heights in a ballroom would be an issue for lower levels, but I guess you never know. It will be interesting to see where they go.