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  1. C

    All-Star Worlds 2021 Deductions

    Hey yall! I am desperately searching for someone that has a detailed spreadsheet of all the divisions, placements, and deductions from worlds 2021. I have the Big Worlds Spreadsheet but for the more recent years it doesn't have notes regarding what the deductions were like it does with 2016. :(...
  2. DancerDude0118

    All-Star 2018 Worlds: Score Sheet And Rankings

    Thread specifically made for convenient viewing of scores and rankings with deductions. I will add to this post with every score sheet that has been released. All these information can also be found on CheerUpdates' website. Preliminaries
  3. Lena

    All-Star Past Nca Results

    Does anyone know where I can see past NCA results? Or does anyone know past NCA results? :D The site doesn't work on my computer. Does it work on yours? 2013 NCA & NDA All-Star National Championship I can't open any results...