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  1. A

    All-Star Old Competition Results

    Does anyone know where to find really old competition results? from like 2001 and surrounding years. Specifically looking for results from the Christmas American Cheer Power in 2001.
  2. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 📰 The Majors results + quick recap, 2023 cheer quiz, new uniform reveals & more!

    It was a MAJOR weekend (literally) and wow… what a fun season we have in front of us! Here’s what happened not only this weekend but all of 2023 - see how much you remember below 👀 The Majors results & quick recap The exclusive “best of the best“ competition is always a show, even with...
  3. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star NEWS: Navarro coach Monica quits, gift guides & Wrapped 2023 - cheerleading edition!

    Navarro Cheer coach Monica quits After a turbulent period with lots of legal problems (such as this case & this one), canceled tours, and the USA Cheer's "Ineligibility List" - it's now confirmed that Monica is resigning as the Navarro Cheer coach: Some sources say that this has been planned...
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College 2024 UCA Partner Stunt & Mascot Entry Results Are Here!
  5. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 3x Varsity lawsuit updates, Europeans results & this first-ever skill!

    Here are some of the latest news in all-star cheerleading! 3 new Varsity lawsuit updates Trigger/content warning: sexual abuse. Please skip reading this if you need to. Last week we reported an update on the lawsuits against Varsity, and this week we’ve got three more: 1. Claims against...
  6. BlueCat

    All-Star IASF Worlds Results

    I would like to include the 2021 IASF Worlds results in the Big Worlds Spreadsheet, but I can't seem to locate all of the results. Does anyone have a link to that information?
  7. Wildcats101

    ICU Results

    ICU 2021 Results
  8. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star Quiz: Do You Remember The Nca 2020 Results As Well As You Think You Do?

    Take the quiz to see!
  9. M

    College 2019 University World Cup Cheerleading Championships Results ?

    Hi, just wondering if last year's University World Cup Cheerleading Championships results were available somewhere ? Maybe you even discussed it here but I can't find anything on the subject. P.S. I'm searching for the University results, not the ranking by countries. Thanks !
  10. luv2cheer92

    All-Star Worlds 2019 Scores/results

    Please only posts scores and rankings in this thread. All commentary should be posted in the main Worlds 2019 thread.
  11. Sterling von Shimmer

    College College Uca/uda Finals Results List

    Are finals teams listed in any particular order on the results list? Or at random?
  12. M

    All-Star Results

    Why are results so hard to come by? At these competitions I watch many divisions and teams while waiting for my CPs two minutes and 30 seconds of glory. It would be nice to know how these teams other teams do. All other sports - including other judged sports - post standings immediately. Any...
  13. SMacho

    High School Tryout Results

    Hi everyone - I’m curious how people post their tryout results. Currently, we do a letter to each girl but I’m interested in what other coaches are doing. It’s never a fun process! Thanks!
  14. myshiiningstar

    All-Star Past Worlds Results

    Does anyone have a full list of Worlds Results going back to the start of the event? I can't seem to find any results besides this past season on Thanks!
  15. luv2cheer92

    All-Star 2017-2018 Competition Results

    So, I'm going to try something new for this season to have one centralized place for all big competition results. Each week I'll add the results for Worlds divisions for Worlds bid competitions as well as a link to lower level results as well as any scores when available. I will also keep...
  16. Bella's mom

    All-Star Competition Results

    Is there already a post that list competitions and the results from them? I'm trying to find results from past competitions and am having no luck whatsoever! Is there a way to start a running list of competitions and results so that we have one that we can go to years later if we want to see?
  17. AndyT_T

    High School Nca Regionals Scores/results

    On varsity TV every regional UCA competition is posted with the results, scores, and which bids were given out. I tried to find the same for NCA competitions but none of the NCA regionals are on varsity TV at all. No videos, scores, bid info, nada. I couldn’t even find posted performance orders...
  18. CheerDaily

    2017 Cheerleading Worlds Results

    Click For Full Article The USASF Cheerleading Worlds Championship is held annually at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Twelve divisions make up the elite championship for all star cheerleading for Level 5 and Level 6 athletes from around...
  19. Lena

    All-Star Past Nca Results

    Does anyone know where I can see past NCA results? Or does anyone know past NCA results? :D The site doesn't work on my computer. Does it work on yours? 2013 NCA & NDA All-Star National Championship I can't open any results...
  20. schpo

    All-Star American Majestic 2016 Results

    American Majestic is happening at the end of the month in Buffalo NY, and I'm trying to find results from last year. Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find any results on the "American Championships" web site. Help please?