1. Cheer_Newbie777

    Camp Woodward??

    Newbie to all-star cheer (and this place lol) My cp has heard about Camp Woodward through her gymnast friends and her older cheer friends who used to be on Worlds teams. Sadly they're all for the most part off in college now so if we sent her she would probably be alone, and much lower level...
  2. FlexiDani

    20 Is Too Old To Start Cheer Right? Especially At Ca

    I’m an ex-dancer with little to no cheer skills so I’m VERY new to the cheer world but have been a fan since 10 y/o but my parents never allowed me but now I’m an adult now soo Tumble Skills: I only learned how to do a backwalkover(but I lost it since it’s been so long) -spotted on bhs...
  3. H

    Back Handspring Help?

    I find myself really frustrated because I can do a round-off back handspring beautifully, with a nice high rebound, really tight and pretty. But my standing flicks are AWFUL. I cannot snap down/rebound out of it whatsoever and I am desperately trying to get my series standing flick for try-outs...
  4. M

    Selling Used Equipment

    Possibly being forced to close our gym and need to look at selling 2 of our big items: 1. 52x42 Spring Floor with form mats - $8000 2. 40' Tumbletrack with 18' crash pad - $2000 I am assuming this is where I have to post it since I am a newbie
  5. T

    How To Get Basic Skills?

    Hi there, I'm a fairly new cheerleader (2 years) and my coach doesn't decide to have us learn any tumbling or take any classes. (We're in the non-tumbling division) I was wondering if there was any way to learn how to have basic tumbling by my tryout date? I have the basics (handstand, bridge...
  6. Michael White

    All-Star Cheer Fails

    I'm not sure if a post like this exists, but I'd like to share one of my all time favorite fails, and see some that other people have had. This happened to me the first day I started getting confident with my Arabian connections. Instagram