1. K

    Working On Fulls

    Before corona, I had a round off handspring tuck, and a standing tuck. My goal was to have a full by tryouts, but because of covid-19, is that goal still something I could accomplish. I taught myself how to do a layout on the grass, and I can do a full on the trampoline. I've been doing a lot of...
  2. R

    Roundoff Back Handspring Full Help

    I’ve had this skill for a good 6 months now, although I’ve had two major injuries in that time, but have gotten it back with no problem. Now I suddenly can’t land my full. If I’m on spring floor and get really high, it lands, but my torso is always bent when I land. If I’m on dead floor, I...
  3. T

    Moving Gyms

    The season has started and I have had a few practices with my new team. Last year I was with this gym but we didn’t place well, I was thinking of switching gyms but I later changed my mind. Now I have changed my mind and want to switch but I feel like if I do I will be betraying them. That gym I...
  4. Dr. Travis Owens

    Mental Blocks

    Hopefully this is of value to your program or athletes that may be suffering with Mental Blocks Mental Blocks by The Cheer Experience: Beyond the Mat A podcast on Anchor
  5. Fly Cheer Gear

    Standing Back Handspring Technique

    Want to know an efficient, progressive, and functionally correct technique for a standing back handspring? This week we will focus on the body positions in a standing back handspring. Read about it on our blog! Fly Cheer Gear | Cheer Leading Techniques | Tank Tops Online Available in a 12 x 36...
  6. R

    All-Star Ankle Injury

    I just got back to cheer after a 3 week leave due to a knee injury. Before taking a break, I could easily throw round off two to tucks, standing two tucks, and round off fulls. After coming back, I had lost most of my tumbling, but within a week the majority of it was back(other than standing...
  7. AllyCat

    Weak Ankles Or Bad Technique?

    So I have recently gotten back into tumbling after stopping cold turkey about 5years ago.. I used to be fully lvl 4 and a handful lvl 5 skills. However I’m now lvl 2 and struggling with tucks! It just kills my ankles every time! Tumble track it’s fine but on the floor when I take off it almost...
  8. H

    Not Being Able To Cheer/tumble Anymore :(

    okay so basically i'm not going to be cheering or tumbling anymore in high school unless you guys can help me. I'm not doing hs sideline cheer because it's strictly dancing, which I don't enjoy. I can't be an allstar cheerleader because the closest lvl five team to me is two hours away. My...
  9. Sterling von Shimmer

    High School Another Stunt Legality Question...

    Curious if this brand of cradle is legal at the HS level (2.21 mark). It’s inverted but never released, so I think it’s okay? It would just be SO COOL to show up at Nationals next year with a specialised cradle like that instead of a kick twist which seems to be the trend nowadays. Also...
  10. Summer Yael

    Roundoff Tuck

    For this season I need my roundoff tuck. I keep whipping and arching my back because of back handspring habits. how do i not do so. No matter how much i tell myself not to do it, it just doesnt work. is there some sort of hack that forces you not to arch as much, if not at all?
  11. tjbettin

    High School Hs Tumbling Practices

    hello everyone! I am a new high school coach and have some questions about tumbling. I used to have a full when I was cheering. I had been in tumbling classes forever and because of that, I have been able to spot basic tumbling. If a girl has done the skill before and just needs reinforcement, I...
  12. wescardinals

    Spotting Advice

    I started cheering my freshman year of college and my team doesn't have any tumbling (or a coach eek). I just made captain (as a junior) and my co-captain and I want to add tumbling so we can eventually become a competitive team. We're planning on taking classes as a team, but I'd like to be...
  13. Dr. Travis Owens

    All-Star Cheer Injuries

    We all know that cheerleading is a physically demanding sport that can leave our athletes sidelined due to complex injuries and overuse issues. After 10 years in the sport, I became a sports physician and one of my passions is giving back to the sport by helping our athletes to prevent injuries...
  14. L

    Level 1 Tumbling

    Now that a RO backwalkover is illegal in level 1, would a roundoff PAUSE backwalkover count as a single running tumbling pass? Also, I am having my level 1 team work on handstand forward roll into cartwheel backwalkover. Would this be counted as a running skill as well? Not sure if the...
  15. Charley

    Haven't Advanced In 3 Years- Tips????

    I started cheer 3 years ago- but my tumbling has seen little to no progress. I take tumbling classes also. I joined with a year of gymnastics so I had the basics (Walkovers, round offs etc.) and my stunting has seen a lot of improvement- but I haven't learnt any new skills since then. I'm still...
  16. 913

    Kick Double (tumbling)

    Arguably the most beautiful tumbling skill that can be thrown in a routine, the tumbling kick double is just as difficult as it is impressive. Speaking as someone with a consistent double, can anyone give a step-by-step guide on how to successfully perform a kick double in a tumbling pass as...
  17. Official OWECheer

    High School Enforcing Correct Tumbling Technique In A High School Program

    HS coaches can be under a lot of pressure (not just from themselves, but from parents, athletes, and the administration) to amass skills as quickly as possible. How does one ensure that their kids aren't rushed through tumbling progressions, but are still able to do decently well competitively...
  18. Tim-Indiana

    Cheer Equipment Priced To Sale Fast!

    Sadly my gym has closed its doors. I currently have equipment that is PRICED to sale fast! PLEAE text 574.376.0348 for more info & prices - located in Northern Indiana. Full size spring floor (9-panels) 11- EZ Flex 6'x42' mats 2- Dollamur 6'x42' mats 1-Backhandspring "Tumbl-Trak" Trainer...
  19. Alli

    Legality Level 4

    In level 4, is it legal to do a whip layout? (flip flip combo).. on the usasf website it says no for standing but in running it doesn't mention it. If someone knows please let me know! I'm positive it is but just want to double check
  20. Creatvmom3

    All-Star Returning To Cheer After A Trumatic Injury

    Hello Cheer friends, Have questions and need advice. My daughter broke both the radial and ulna bones in her right forearm this past summer tumbling while at camp. She had to have surgery where they inserted 2 rods and pins. She was in a cast for a total of 10 weeks and has been out of the...