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Apr 20, 2010
What is your best and worst memory from 2010? doesnt have to be cheer related! My best would probably be meeting Justin Bieber :D and my worst would probably be finding out that my mom has stage four breast cancer.
So sorry to hear about your mom... I'll keep her in my thoughts!

My best memory is working down at Walt Disney World through their internship program. Runner-up is all the time I spent with the Pop Warner team I coach (practices, games, competitions, and parties); love those girls! Worst memory is probably when my fish died the other day... I fell madly in love with the curious little guy only to watch him come to a rather tragic end.
Best memory- attending the GK party after worlds sunday night :) & Worst memory- realizing how much the economy can really change your life
I'm sorry about your mom, I hope she recovers. Best - Going to NCA and participating in a foreign-exchange program; so going to Germany and staying with a family, and her coming back here this past October. Worst - Eh, my parents getting divorced. But hey, 2011 can be better.
What is your best and worst memory from 2010? doesnt have to be cheer related! My best would probably be meeting Justin Bieber :D and my worst would probably be finding out that my mom has stage four breast cancer.

im so sorry to here about your mother. my prays are with your family<3
Best memory would be a summer night/morning :)
Worst memory would be getting my heart broke after that day
Best memory/memories: meeting The Afters, meeting Bryce Avary, and going to a Switchfoot concert (all my good things that happen are music related.)
Worst Memory: losing a ton of friends and my main friends due to their busy cheer schedules (life gets pretty lonely)
Best: Getting a coaching job at both a school and an allstar gym and my nephew being born despite my sister being told she was infertile!!
Worst: just about everything else this year. Almost everyone in my family lost their job, so I'm having a really hard time paying for school. Between coaching and studying, I don't have much more time to get another job.
Best: Having my crush ask me out.. We've been going strong for almost 7 months now (it will be 7 on new years day) :D and making the JV squad at my highschool

Worst; getting my wisdom teeth pulled this morning :/ my face hurts so bad >.<
Oh no! I'll be praying for your mom!

Worst: Getting my second mental block just in time for the end of the season, having a BAD college roommate, family issues from May through July, and boys haha.
Best: Competing at NCA in Daytona with my college team and finally seeing all the big name schools in person (and seeing a certain "cheerlebrity" from about 50 feet away, freaking out, and getting weird looks from the rest of my team haha), seeing Senior Elite win worlds from my laptop in my dorm room, working my butt off over the summer, acing first semester of junior year, having a GREAT roommate and friends in general, and finally signing up for the boards!
Bittersweet?: Turning 20 and not being a teenager anymore :\
Best: definetly starting cheer and quitting gymnastics.
Worst: 7th grade... I absolutely hate it. I miss sixth grade so much, none of my friends r in my classes, my teachers are annoying and I have a ton of losers in my classes. And probably having a bad experience with my coach and teamates at my school cheer team.
So sorry to hear about your mom:( you and ur family are in my prayers.
Best Memory: Getting lost with a car full of friends, finally finding a highway after 2.5 hours, and realizing we were 100 miles away from home:)

Worst Memory: Being told we couldnt afford cheer anymore and being forced to find ways to afford it:(
wcsstilldeath-sending lots and lots of prayers to your family and your Mom.

Best: I have a tie--Graduating and turning 18 on the same day! :) Definitely a pretty amazing day overall, plus having ALL of my gigantic/separated family in all in one place! Oh my gosh, the absolute best was definitely going to worlds for the first time with my 2 best friends and meeting so many fierceboarders and seeing teams live for the first time!!! Oh and it was the last time worlds will ever be in the legit Milkhouse.

Worst: The crazy amount of dumb injuries I've had during my first semester of college..especially breaking & tearing my thumb a week before conference championships--don't worry, I still competed (got cast taken off to compete) and we won! :) so I guess it has pros/cons..but it was just a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress!
best- getting accepted into 9 colleges so far. :)

worst- may 7, 2010 around 1 o clock in the afternoon. aka, the day i lost all my parent's trust.