All-Star 2011 Spirit Fest Nationals

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Dec 17, 2009
Who's going to Mohegan Sun this year? Jan 8-9, 2 Fully Paid Bids this year! Tons of good teams last year. Can't wait to see who shows this season!
cnys bringing
youth 1-wind
junior 2-microburst
senior 2-hurricanes
senior coed 3-rain
senior 3-vortex
senior 4-lightning
sm ltd coed 5-thunder
I'm guessing ECE and Sparks will be there. I think I heard Cheer Factor is going. Not sure of which teams though from each gym. Probably all the level 5s though! haha
ECE will be there! both gyms! i know all the CT teams will be there, im guessing all the NH/MA teams too
hahaha sorry!! I will pm our competition schedule, you still need to come!! casino or not, what are you really going for ? ;-)
Jersey Allstars is attending

Sm Yth 1
Sm Jr 2
Lg Sr Coed 3
Sm Sr 4