All-Star 2012 Dances.

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Isn't that the guy on Holly's World?

Haha don't judge me for my knowledge of reality tv show personalities.
lol i have no clue.
...actually idek what holly's world is?...

i just know we were told when we had choreo the song. and so after we learned it i looked for it on youtube to practice and found out that the man voice who i tought was josh... was actually some random black guy and that the voice i THOUGHT was a girl was him.... lol.
anyway we got the first mix and it sounds soooo god sped up. i love it <3
OC is dancing to ummmmm.... shoot. i forgot the name of the song but Eric Little made the dacnce LOL! i guess that was no help HAHAHA!
Texas Cheer Red gets their dance the beginning of next month! We are anxious to know what they are dancing to!! Eric Little is doing thier dance to!
I learn my dance in a couple weeks so I'm not sure what my coach is doing with our dance but he said it will be FIERCE! Too freakin' excited! :)
New Attitude- Patti Labelle -Senior 5
Dirty Style- DaCav5- Senior 4.2
Main Event- RuPual- Junior 3
Whoop There It(Youth here it is)- Tag Team- Youth 2 *love this one!!!!
Church T-Pain- Open 6