All-Star 2021-22 Season Videos

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The Stingray All-Stars - Rust

The Stingray All-Stars - Cobalt

The Stingray All-Stars - Apple

Top Gun All-Stars - TGLC

Top Gun All-Stars - Lady Jags
Maryland Twisters - F5

Maryland Twisters - Blackout

Cheer Savannah - Lady Lace

Prodigy All-Stars - Midnight

Spirit of Texas - Royalty (I think this was the community favourite routine of the weekend, and deservingly so)
Cheer Extreme All-Stars - SSX

Cheer Extreme All-Stars - Senior Elite

Woodlands Elite - Black Ops

Brandon All-Stars - Senior Black
Don't get me wrong it's a great routine. But this gym is known for stacking this team with higher level (level 4 and 5) athletes. Doesn't make it quite as impressive.

Oh I had no idea. I haven't even heard of this gym before, so I thought it was a lot more impressive if they were actually level 1 athletes :confused:
@DancerDude0118 thank you for posting! I love being able to re-watch with music!
No problem at all, it’s also for my own documentation purposes, haha…

Which is why I type out the gym and team name in full, so when I use the search function, I can actually find the teams.

I try to only upload videos which I think won’t be taken down by the “Flolice”, which are far and few in between. 😬
Not open for further replies.