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  1. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star No more Global divisions ❌ USASF's (big) changes for next season!

    USASF releases (big) early changes for next season The USASF has released early changes for next season, and here are 3 major ones: All International divisions require a minimum of 16 athletes. This means all international teams will have to consist of at least 16 athletes, compared to the...
  2. JBS

    Cheer Season Overview (Help Me Understand)

    I purchased FierceBoard a while back. I am the owner of... ChalkBucket is a forum just like this... but for gymnastics. I used to coach tumbling for cheer many years ago... had some great tumblers (advanced class all had double fulls). However... I have been...
  3. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 🚨 CHEER NEWS: USASF Suggests Major Changes for the 2023-2024 Season

    The USASF has announced some possible major changes for the 2023-2024 season, and it has caused quite a stir in the cheerleading world... We’ll take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for athletes and teams. Keep reading to learn more! Two major changes The USASF (learn what...
  4. oncecoolcoachnowmom

    All-Star General 22-23 Season Announcements: Teams/Divisions, New Locations, Mergers, Closures etc.

    Post 22-23 teams and divisions, new locations, mergers, closures, etc.
  5. JBS

    Talk About Cheer Season 2 On Netflix

    Watching Cheer Season 2 on Netflix? Join our discussion at the following link...
  6. NJ Coach

    All-Star 2021-22 Season Videos

    Let the season officially begin!
  7. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star The Ultimate 2020-2021 Season Quiz - How Much Do You Remember?

    The 2020-2021 season has officially ended for many teams around the world. It’s time to see how much you actually remember from the past season… See if you remember some competition results, routine themes and other happenings! QUIZ...
  8. TheCheerBuzz

    2021-2022 Season Coach Planners (digital & Printable) + Customizable!

    Happy 2021-2022 season! New season means a new plan & we have THE perfect tool for all coaches… Our new coach planners! Get 90 pages of everything you need to have a successful season, like: - Dated 21-22 season overview - Dated monthly calendars - Weekly & daily calendars - Practice...
  9. cheerinkling

    Program Release After Season Has Ended

    My daughter did gym A for the entire season no summit bids and had no outstanding balance. (we always finish what we start). It wasnt her best season ever, (but like i said we finish what we start) so she wanted to go to a new gym and we did after the season ended and love it. We have been there...
  10. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star New Teams + Those Switching Divisions For The 2020-2021 Season

    List of teams switching divisions for the new season & brand new teams! LINK: Have we missed teams? Comment here or on the link above!
  11. DonnaM

    All-Star Plans For Next Season

    Has anyone else started discussing plans yet? Our gym just put out their plans for next season-private evals in late May/June, teams start practicing in July, one day comps within a 3 1/2 hour drive and 2 day ones within 60 miles except for UCA, Summit only if team parents vote to go, no comp...
  12. Keep_Believing

    All-Star List Of Gyms Who Have Ended Their 2020 Season (no Worlds/summit)

    List of Gyms who have ended their 2020 season (No Worlds/Summit) CA (CA Columbus, CA Frisco and CA Plano) Cali CJA ECE MCE MDT Prodigy All-Stars SCV Woodlands Elite *** As other gyms end their season post below and I will edit & add them to the list
  13. mama2twinsplus1

    All-Star Has Your Gym Ended Your 2019-2020 Season?

    Is your season officially over? What gym?
  14. C

    All-Star New Gyms, Gym Closings, And Acquisitions For 19-20 Season

    Has anyone heard of anything yet?
  15. Bella's mom

    All-Star New Categories For Next Season

    Correct me for anything wrong I say. The restricted 5 is going away and they will just be level 5. Level 5 will turn into level 6 and level 6 into level 7. Will the level 5 (next season) still go to worlds or will it be level 6/7 only? Does anyone know? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. jscoach210

    High School Divisions For Uca This Season

    Any new division change surprises from our top programs ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. DonnaM

    All-Star First Full Travel Season Advice?

    CP just moved from prep to full S3. She’s cheered rec for years, but this is definitely a step up. Any advice on surviving a first full All Star season, especially coming in on a senior team?
  18. L

    Junior Division This Season, What Differences Do You See?

    Hello! I have a 10 year old daughter cheering at a new gym this season. First season JR5 from J3 last year. Due to the age grid adjustments (which I actually agree with in the long run, so bear with me on this) she is not age eligible for a SR team (thus driving our decision to change to a...
  19. STAR Cheer Mom

    All-Star Number Of Bids At Comps This Season

    So, I have seen general information about the number of AL/PD bids that will be given at comps this season. Looks like it will be 4 AL/3PD. Does anyone know how they will be distributing?
  20. mncheerqueen

    High School Tryouts 2018-2019 Season

    I know a lot of teams have just finished tryouts or are preparing for tryouts. Was wondering how everyones went! We are finishing up our final team placements tomorrow. Sadly we weren't able to get high numbers for tryouts that we wanted but are happy we have enough for all teams including a...