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All-Star 2021 Worlds - Day 1 Discussion


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I peaked over at the Dance Worlds results to see what all they had included. Like if they listed raw score and deductions, because I feel like they haven't in the past. They do, but they also had all the category breakdowns for dance. Hoping this means they do the same thing for cheer!


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Star Athletics Senior Red came back out after their injury and were looking really good until that pyramid :(


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Poor Star Athletics, their routine was fire for their redo but they missed 90% of the pyramid. So disappointed because Red is such an amazing team!


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Ok, I love the non tumble division, and I’m actually thinking abt trying out for one next season, but some gyms seem to be making non tumble teams just so they can say they have a worlds team, then getting out there and dropping 6 stunts. It’s just frustrating cause that’s not what this division is for.

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