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Dec 15, 2009
So did anyone else notice that in the new mix that Patrick did for GA, he put a lot of ACE's song selections in it? Like putting ACE's running tumbling music in during GA's pyramid and ACE's pyramid music in during GA's running tumbling? Thoughts?

*obviously I use "ACE's music" loosely, they just have had that mix all season.

I can clear up this issue before it gets started. When a client requests a song, I have to go with it. This is what the client wanted. The original mixes only had the Switchfoot song in each and then after the fact (believe it or not) Ace wanted to use Oh Fortuna after GA already had it in their mix which gave them each 2 songs in the mix. This was a complete coincidence and I recommended against it, but each program is entitled to the music they want, and I as the producer, have to go with what they want.
I have to agree with Patrick, it's hard as a producer to try and "talk" teams out of song selections when you know other teams have already used the same song in their music and still keep the producer/client confidentiality. Bottom line is as a producer we have to go with what the client wants.
georgias running tumbling song is used almost EVERY year in georgia high school cheerleading.
blaaah, if anyone has louis new remix, the one with 'we are one tonight' by switchfoot during the pyramid, i would appreciate it, very very very much :)