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Dec 27, 2023
Not sure how to word the title so sorry if it is misleading! We have an athlete who could be on our Senior team but due to the age grid her birth year falls one year short for the new USASF age grid. I know in the past I heard of gyms being able to move up athletes even if they are not of age yet and it completely being legal for sanctioned competitions. Is that still a thing or did they get rid of that? We could use her on the team but I can't find any information about this online. Thank you!
I don't think you can if you live in the USA. I think there is some flexibility for other countries to try and even the playing field.
There's some flexibility on the international age grid (here in the UK anyway) where if the athlete is too young for the division at Worlds/Summit this season, but is competing for a bid for next season and would be eligible to compete at Worlds/Summit in the year the bid is for, then they are allowed to compete on the bid seeking team. But I don't think this applies for any other age grids or divisions.