College All-girl Rewind Backing Grip?

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Mar 29, 2011
Hi everyone!
Just wondering if someone could explain the grip the back spot uses when doing all-girl style rewinds. I know both main and side basing, but am unsure of the back spot. Also, any tips to make rewinds easier or any tips to give the flyer? Thanks!
I did it with my stunt group and the backspot actually pretty much had the same grip as a coed backspot would have... she puts her hands onto the back at about the hight if the little dimples above the but. ;) Make sure, she doesn't grip too high or she won't be able to give enough height and just rotate the flyer.

When I'm basing in a coed groustunt rewind, I follow the backspot with my movements. He controls the whole stunt and the side bases more or less just help and catch. With our allgirl stunt group, it was more difficult because our backspot couldn't control the stunt the way a guy could have. So me and my other side base started to focus on becoming more and more in sync so that in the end we controlled the stunt and the backspot followed us.
It might not be the most conventional method but it worked for us...
Over here in Germany you don't really see all girl stunt groups doing rewinds without a front spot that tosses one leg so we had to try a lot of techniques to find one that worked for us.