All Newbies - PLEASE READ!

Mar 7, 2016
QUOTE="Weezy, post: 233710, member: 95"]First off, we are thrilled you have chosen to be part of the largest cheerleading board in the world!

This board is great! You can learn alot about cheer (high school, allstar, college, etc), what is going on behind the scenes, find a choreographer, make friends, etc.

We are however VERY protective of our board. On more than one occasion (a lot actually), we have had people (either new or old) come on here with the sole purpose of creating drama. We eventually find out who you are and the result is usually a permanent ban on the board.

Please keep in mind this board has a WIDE age range. Keep your posts appropriate and consider the person you may be responding too is a minor. We do have an over 18 section, however that DOES NOT give you carte blanche to be rude and insulting.

And as for rude and insulting, do not make your posts personal. Remember these are young athletes on these teams. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated, as well as your mother, sister, brother, etc.

Before you can post anywhere in the Cheerleading specific forums you must make 3 posts here in the newbie section and have been registered for 72 hours (counting from the moment you registered). You can comment on existing threads in this section or create new ones, but creating new threads with the sole purpose of fulfilling your post requirement is frowned upon. Please use this thread for that purpose.

Here are the Top Ten rules for Newbies on Fierce Board:
(Written by our very own, Sharkdad)

1. If you're new, ask newbie questions in the newbie forum first.
You will get friendlier answers in here than the main board.

2. Before you ask a question or post your opinion, see if someone else already has.
Make sure to read the entire thread and use the search bar at the top of the boards. If in doubt, PM someone and they should be happy to help.

3. Ask the right questions in the right sections
Try and keep the music questions in the music section, the allstar questions in the allstar section... etc...

4. Keep posts on topic with the subject.
Don’t go into a post about a competition and ask “how do I improve my BHS?” If it succeeds in derailing the conversation going on it’s called “hijacking” a thread.

5. Have a purpose for your post!
All posts (negative and positive) are welcome, but only if they have a reason behind them. Saying a program/team/routine sucks JUST because is not a reason, and your opinion will instantly be discredited around here

6. Don't make statements about how other people/teams/gyms are thinking or feeling. Think: the only person's opinion I should express is my own.

7. Stick to facts. Try looking it up yourself or at least ask respectfully.
You will learn a lot this way. You should never post anything like “Team X at Gym Y is going to wear polka dot socks next week” if you only read it on Facebook or through someone else’s conversation. It is entirely different to say “I think I heard that. . . .” or finish your statement with “in my opinion, but I don’t know for sure”

8. Keep personal accusations, questions, other stuff not relevant to more than one person private.
That's what Private Messages (PMs) are for.

9. Apologize when you get something wrong.
We’re all giving opinions here. Have respect for others and admit if you are wrong.

10. Above all, when in doubt, have respect for others and their opinions.
This will help you decide how to word your posts, and probably how to “agree to disagree” if need be.

Again, the FIERCEST board ever!

Happy posting![/QUOTE]

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