All Star To High School

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Which one?

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Jul 8, 2011
Is it bad to go from Allstars to High School if your high school team is one of the best in the state but coming from a us finals 1st place winning j3 large team in allstars?!?!
id go with the high school, you can get a lot more recognition from your peers.

ETA* & work on and perform level5 skills
it wont improve them. its flat mat.
I dont think they ever said anything about improving tumbling. they just want to know what will be the better team to be on. as you know, tumbling is not the only part of the score sheet, I get your point, but I think a lot of people need to give high school cheerleaders a chance.
i would stay with allstars obvi!!! whats highschool gunna do?

Doesn't high school cheer look better on college applications? A year of it may be beneficial to her, especially if she wants to cheer in college as it will give her sideline experience.
i did allstars for 5 years then highschool for one and then went right back. if she is interested in hardcore intensity and not "cheering" high school wont improve her or push her.
nooo, if your high school team is really good and just as good as a level 3 or better why would it be that bad and since they are one of the best in the state and not just an ok team then whats the problem with that, but if your trying to decide which one to do it all depends on what you want... sideline(which looks good for college cheer as @Emily Jane said) and a few competions or traveling and more competions :)