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Jun 17, 2023
I have seen conflicting dates for 2024, can anyone confirm dates for Florida 2024. April
Thanks in advance ☺️
ICU Worlds 2024 is 24th - 26th April so I guess Worlds and Summit will be running from then into May.
around 19th - 21st April
We have from the 18th-21st down for ASW. Nice and early this year. Suits teams from Scotland as it's the week before our school exams start so kids can get back in time to sit them and don't need to do any while away. Summit was a struggle for us this year - we had to have kids sit exams at 6am and then go straight to comp when they finished! So much unnecessary stress.

Dates aren't ideal for UK teams who want to do both ASW and Summit though as there's two weeks between them. Need at least a three week trip to do both.
To update, we got two ASW bids this past weekend and 18-21st April is the dates we have been given from the EP.