All-Star Strong starts

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Apr 11, 2011

What gyms and team do you think are having a strong start/ standing out early? Woodlands Elite is doing really well; Generals, Black ops, and Gunsmoke are already paid and GI Janes has an at large bid.
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WCSS has much less talent this season, so it was nice to see them mostly hit a routine with new personnel. No idea why they were at a competition where WC was basically the only gym present (it was only them & a couple very small D2 gyms according to the schedule). There are too many competitions and way too many divisions, but we already knew that. ;)

The Medium divisions have a lot of strong teams in them. The Open division age change seems to have strengthened Medium even more. It’s nice to see a gym like ATA that was never known as a powerhouse competing with the big dogs now (it IS possible! There shouldn’t be Limited divisions). One of their Worlds teams already has a Paid bid.
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Tribe Cheer Mystic (SXS) and VooDoo (IOSC6) just got paid. Phoenix (SSC) got an at-large this weekend. That's all our worlds teams with bids at their first bid-offering comp.