All-Star All Stars Vs. Allstars

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Jul 4, 2010
I've seen it both ways... which is the proper way? All Stars (2 words) or Allstars (1 word) ?
I always just say Allstars. And for the record my Mac Spell Check does not say it's incorrect!
I think it depends on the context also. If it was one word you would have to use it as "Stingray Allstars" but if I was saying "im an All Star" you would separate it. Does that sound right?
it kills me, on youtube you can't find videos half the time spelling it allstars
My mac spellcheck says allstar is incorrect. But I like it better, anyway.
i think our gym uses all-stars but i usually just type allstars because a hyphen is too much work:)
As the self-appointed spelling nazi on this board, I don't know how I feel about this one lol....

All-star would be the "correct" way, I believe- especially if using it as a descriptor, i.e. All-Star Cheerleading, All-Star Nationals. However, I think most teams that use it in their name write it as either All Stars or Allstars. Personally, I prefer All Stars to Allstars. My old gym considered the A and the S separately in our acronym.

You know, all of this could be avoided if we just change the name of our sport... just saying :)