All Time Favorite Teams

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Feb 7, 2011
Who are some of your all time favorite teams? not just from this season but from past seasons??
Georgia Allstars at Worlds 2006. I'm not sure why, but they are the team I keep coming back to. They were extremely clean and I absolutely loved their dance!
My favorite would be my old gym..before allstars got real big "Carolina Cats Allstars". I miss us.. we had so much fun. Won lots of national,state and even an international.
Current favorite is our small gym "Cheer Xplosion Allstars" this is our 5th year!
I cheered at Power Cheer! Allstars for 2 years... but back in the day they were a big gym in Florida. They have been around for about 11 years I believe, & back when there were no divisons, just 'advanced' and so on, they were really top of the line. Of course I still like them, but I miss their glory days!
Thats when Carolina Cats was around.. We had senior, jr etc but not levels. Cats was sold and then something happened with the new owner and it didnt work out.sooo sad! those were the good ole days.