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Most Positive :)
Dec 14, 2009
What is your favorite cheerleading video? Do you watch it before practice or competing? It can be absolutely anything...from a skills tape, a team, etc.

I absolutely love all of the 2x2 videos, however I always watch this specific video when I am having a tough day..I think the song is amazing as well as the overall purpose of the video--good & bad days and the importance of staying motivated. I am sure most of you have seen this..but this is our sport and why we love it! ugh I miss all star so much..
Any of Damien Walters' showreels; P. Daly's "Cheer Tumbling 09" video; California Coed, Spirit of Texas Coed, Kentucky Elite Cats 2010 worlds routines...

It varies -- and the list is much longer than the few that I mentioned -- but I like to watch videos before practice to get me pumped up!
Yess ALittleBitTwisted that's my favorite!! I also love the 2x2 NCA video and all the Senior Elite/Worlds ones.

And that video of all the falls, I don't necessarily think it was made to make fun of a team or anything, just more to show hey everyone makes mistakes. Okay maybe I'm just being a little naive but yanno hahah