All-Star Any C4 Longhorns Ppl On Here

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Dec 15, 2009
I became a huge fan of them this comp, and was wondering if there were any longhorns on the boards. Also looking for a video of J4
I'm here, and thanks for the compliment. We are not allowed to post or give out videos of the teams until after out comp season is over.
I love C4! I need a C4 shirt, if anyone wants to trade for a rockstar cheer shirt at cheersport PM me!
No clue on the little blonde - but they have a lot of fierce flyers....amazing body control on all levels!
C4 is the program to beat! Up and coming gym in their fourth season. There isn't a team in the gym that isn't AMAZING. They work so hard on the tiniest of details and at the end of the day everyone is told how great they are!