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Sep 12, 2020

Content Warning: The details are explicit and may not be suitable for all audiences. We strongly advise parental or guardian supervision for readers under 18. If you are not under parental supervision, we do not recommend reading about this case.

Ex-Navarro Cheer coach Monica’s son arrested​

Even after announcing her departure from Navarro Cheer, there is news surrounding Monica Aldama. News broke this week that her son had been arrested, and the details are disturbing.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, we will not include any explicit details here but will instead provide links to the articles for those who wish to seek more information.

Here is an article from NBC News about the arrest, and here are parts of another article (“Area agencies respond to Aldama arrest“ [Corsicana Daily Sun] which you can read here) with more recent information:

“Aldama, 27, who currently resides in Dallas, was arrested on an open warrant stemming from a grand jury indictment. He was later released the same day on a personal recognizance (PR) bond.
A PR bond is a legal arrangement where a defendant is released from custody without the need for monetary collateral. Instead, the release is based on the defendant’s commitment to appear in court as required, relying on the defendant’s reputation and community standing.
Austin’s mother, former Navarro College Cheer coach Monica Aldama, retired from the college in December of 2023. Austin’s father, Chris Aldama, currently serves as the Director of Probation at the Navarro County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.
Austin made a number of appearances on the Netflix docuseries "Cheer," the award-winning show which highlighted the local cheerleading team at Navarro College, due to the connection with his mother.
The college also gave no comment on other matters revolving ongoing matters involving allegations of sexual assault committed against Navarro College cheerleaders.
The Corsicana Daily Sun is waiting for a statement from Aldama’s attorneys, which was not available at time of publication.”

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