Any Good Tips On Landing A Standing Back?

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May 12, 2010
I have been working on standing backs for a while now. When I throw my standing back, I have a lot of height, usually too much. My coach will stand their and all she really needs to do is put a finger there and I land, but once she steps away my knees kick to my butt and i immediately land on my knees. please help!
I had the same problem when I started mine. Practice pulling your knees in to your cheast and staying tucked; Dont open or reach for the ground.Repeatition is key; keep practicing it tooks me a over a year until i had mine soild. Good luck:)
I have the same problem. Just stay committed and keep pulling. I always reach for the ground right at the end but when I don't let go I always land! Keep working on it :) Good luck!
thank you guys! i will just have to keep practicing pulling my knees in do you have any good drills?
My coach always stacks up the big mats and has up stand facing away from them and try to jump up onto them while pulling our knees up. It helps go higher as well as pulling your hips faster :) if it seems too easy just stack up some more mats to make it higher :)
A standing tuck is not a skill you can do half butt and land. You have to attack it. Be aggressive and determined. You cannot bail or reach for the ground. You have to be confident and committed til you land. I always tell my athletes to be aggressive and stay in it.
To stay tucked more grab closer to your ankles and it will help you stick your landings. I had a lot of trouble with landing and after learning this I land everytime :)
To me it sounds like confidence and speed consistency. I have the same problem just got rid of it last week! I did drils and I would lay down flat on the ground and pull my knees to my shoulders, keeping my shoulders pushed to the ground and still having my hands above my head. Best of luck!
Shrug your shoulders when your setting for the standing back (so like your saying “i don’t know” in the middle of your flip). Exaggerate it too, it automatically flips you and makes everything so much easier! Technique is the best! :)
Your probably timid. If you think that just because your coach is standing there with a hand on you, then your fine. But if you are worried and she doesn't touch you, then you don't land. IF your timid, then don't be because you have a high chance of hurting yourself. If you do get a lot of height then just keep pulling and try to land with your feet together and chest up :)
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