Any Tips/help At All To Help Me Get Over My Excruciating Fears?!

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Jan 2, 2012
Hi guys,
Pretty new to the awesomeness that is Fierceboard and this is my first time posting a thread so I don't know if it's in the wrong place but anyway!
I've been cheering for almost 7 years and whilst I can do most aspects of cheer, the one thing I really can't do is TUMBLE! All I have to show for 7 years of hard work is an okay-ish roundoff and a bridge from stand and it really gets me down seeing other people from my gym progress and I just stand still! I try so hard but nothing ever comes of it because I just get SO scared by everything tumble wise which has really halted my progression.
So what I'm basically pleading asking anyone is if anyone knows any way at all to get over my fears?
Thanks guys:)
I used to have a mental block ad I know how absolutely frustrating it can be. once you drill and drill and drill and keep practicing, you just need to tell yourself that your body knows what its doing and be confident. its hard to honestly just do it like everyone tells you to, but when you get ito the state of mind where you honestly just throw and dont think, it will happen.
Yes it really is frustrating alexismariex ! Over the last couple of weeks I've been trying to work on my fears and they have gotten a little better! I just try to forget everything when I do anything and it works :) But I'm taking it slow...real slow! Like I'm working on handstands, roundoffs and walkovers, I wish I could say I was working on bhs, tucks, layouts etc but my fears have held me back for all this time so I'm very behind!

and thanks CoachFrank203 , I'll be sure to check out your program once it's up :)
The fact that you are working on the basics make skills later all the more easier and will make your technique a lot better, sometimes slow is better :)
My daughter seems to do well one day and the next day not so good. She never had a injury but one day was told she was a power tumbler and now 1.5 years later struggling with even standing BHS. She does great with a spotter but as soon as she knows they even step one foot away, She stops. She loves cheerleading but I'm not sure she can continue if she cannot tumble. I showed her for the love of tumbling but it really hasn't made a difference.