All-Star Anyone Know How To Get Really Old Nationals Pics/vids?

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May 18, 2010
I'm dating myself here, but I am fairly certain that there were still photographers at certain comps back when I cheered in high school and college, and in my earlier years of coaching. I know technology wasn't what it is now, and you had to send away for pics. I especially know there are videos, because I have them on VHS lol. I figured, copies of this stuff have to exist somewhere, right? SO, does anyone know how I may obtain long lost media from the following:

ECA HS Nationals- 1998-2001
NCA College Nationals- 2002-2004
America's Best NJ- 2005
Battle at the Capitol 2006
Jamfest Springfield, MA 2006
Return to Atlantis 2006-2007
The American Championships 2007
NCA All Star Nationals- 2007
Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk 2007
Most photo companies only keep the photos up for a certain amount of time, so you'd probably have to contact the EP/photo company directly to see if they were available somewhere.