All-Star approx cost of worlds?

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Jul 14, 2010
Hey how much did yall approx pay for worlds. Hotel, registration, flight, etc?

Go to USASF.NET then click on Worlds then travel. There is a booklet that has all info. Cost depends on whether you are staying on Disney property or as a commuter (off property). If on the property there are hotel choices with different pricing. Also the number of days you will be staying. A lot of factors in play for cost of worlds. Also, airline ticket prices constantly change, depends when you book and where you are flying from.
I can give you an idea of what teams I worked with last year paid.

Teams at:
Coronado Springs $116 a night
$278 per person for a quad, $30 more if they wanted to go to the block party
Riverside: $112 a night
$274 per person for a quad or $254, $30 more if they wanted to go to the block party
The price for a moderate under the World's package was $505 per person.

Pop Century: $75 a night
$243 per person for a quad, $30 more if they wanted to go to the block party
The price for a value under the World's package was $435 per person.

The teams paid any where from $150 to $350 for their flights. Parents who did not want park tickets did not have to buy them, so they were able to save additional money.

For Worlds 2011, rooms start under $90 for All Star Resorts and $145 for moderates. As specials come out the prices may drop, last year the prices dropped 3 times. Meal plans can also be added this year, prices for the meal plans for 2011 are not out yet.

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If they are the same meal plans as normal disney vacation ones, you get so much food for the money..... When I went to disneyworld about a year ago, I got the 1 sit down meal, 1 table side meal and 1 snack per day meal plan but my friend and I ended up splitting the table side meal(used at any of the food court type restaurants) every day and then going to nice restaurants for like half the price with the sit down meal vouchers which give you any non alcoholic drink, entree and dessert for the meal. For example, a smoothie thing, an entree and a dessert at le cellier would be at least 50 bucks where as we paid 35 dollars for the entire days food. We didnt end up finishing that sit down meal most days and ate it for breakfast :) . We were completely stuffed the whole week and ended up with 3-4 snack vouchers left so we got several chocolate covered mickey mouse rice krispie treats for the plane ride home. Not sure how practical a meal plan would be during worlds though because you probably wouldnt want to have to get to a specific time/place to use your sit down meal every night (most sit down places require reservations).
thanks so much everyone that gives me a rough estimate of how much I need to save thanksss:)
This is helpful :) I went on a full paid last time, and this year I'm on an international team, so it's more likely that i'll be paying my way. It's good to know what i might be paying. Can anyone do this for NCA Dallas? That's my most expensive competition this season.
EXTREMELY affordable... we paid 3 nights at a holiday inn, $25 per day at WWOS, and cab fair/food money. Cheap flights with Southwest (they always have online specials).... and if you want more details feel free to message me :)
I've gone 2 years in a row as a spectator only. It can get expensive, but you just have to be smart about it everything. Get a bunch of people in a room and it isn't awful price wise.