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Ugh I've barely touched my chem and I have to write a whole paper. Not looking forward to going back.
And my sleeping patterns are super messed up so I'm going to be so sleep deprived at first.
Here's a little secret: All of your teachers are dreading going back just as much! I spend my entire break sleeping in late, staying up late, going out to dinner and for drinks with our friends (we're all teachers). We didn't do a stitch of work (planning, grading etc) over break and it was GLORIOUS! At least the boy teaches high school, he can pop in a movie with his classes tomorrow. I have the little guys, so I have to actually teach all day!
Not really. I go back Wednesday so I still have some time but I'm not ready. I'm still recovering from wisdom teeth so I'm not really looking forward to it. And I have to finish choreographing a show at my school. Blah. Stressssss.