All-Star Are You Truley An Obsessed Cheerleader?

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Mar 31, 2011
This is like a question I ask all the time. What makes you part of the "cheerleading obsessed"? Well for me, I have a cheer wall in my room where I put all my medals and pictures and awards from cheer and I put them on there. I also have 2 OVERLY FILLED drawers in my dresser only filled with cheer shorts and shirts (mainly shirts) that I got from my gym, other gyms, and competitions. Everyday I'm on youtube looking at cheerleading videos and all I really do is talk about cheer. I cheer everyday (gym and home) and I try to perfect anything I can. So what makes you a cheerleader that is obsessed!?! :)
i am absolutely obsessed i love watching other teams i love all cheer music i cheer 24/7 and i have drawers full of cheer struff..and 2 walls for my medals trophies and pictures throught the years