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This is such an inspiring story! I love that there are good people in the cheer community who will step up and give others the chance when some wont. I dont know why the other coach wouldnt let her cheer and what her reasoning was. You would think after multiple times of trying out for her schools team, the coach would see the dedication from this girl, even if she is physically impaired.
I absolutely love this girl's spirit. I think her tenacity is amazing, and kudos to Portland for giving her a chance to live her dream!

I wonder, though, if the same situation presented itself in my area, what would happen? Cheerleaders are evaluated at tryouts for what they're able to do - jumps, tumbling, motions, stunting - so who's to say that the Nebraska team wasn't within their rights not to allow her on the team? Wouldve been nice for them to allow her to cheer at games and maybe not participate in comp, or something.
We have a girl in our school district who cheered rec teams and then freshman in high school. She was in a terrible accident and lost part of her leg. She is now a junior and tried out for cheerleading and did not make it. The saddest part of that, to me, was that they only cut 2 girls.
I really don't think her original high school should have cut her three years in a row. Thats just plain mean, I mean, you cant just let anyone on, but if she just doesn't compete I don't see the harm...
My school has won state in football for the last three years, and they let this boy be on the team still, although he has a disability. He doesn't play of course, but he still has a jersey and he still attends all of the team's functions. He loves it! I just don't see why the school has to be so mean to a girl with so much ambition and who is harmless.
I agree, what the school in Portland did was amazing. However, I have to stick up for the school in Nebraska. According to my cousin a lot of schools don't even have a competition team in Nebraska. If their main focus is on the games and sidelines is it that unreasonable? At my cousin's school hundreds of girls tryout to be a sideline cheerleader (their school doesn't compete). You obviously can't have 300 girls on the sidelines. Is it fair to put someone on the squad JUST because she has a disability over all the other girls who outscored her? A lot of girls I'm sure were hurt from the results of tryouts and while I admire her dedication I don't think that alone should add her over abled dedicated girls. Once again, I admire the Portland school and the girl. It's truly inspirational. JMO