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Aug 7, 2010
alright so i base in baskets and for some reason with my new flyer the blood vessels always bust in between my fingers, its not the greatest feeling. do you fiercers think there is anything to stop this?
Ouch! Have you tried adjusting your grip a little bit? Asking the other base not to grab as tight? Try making little adjustments to find if there is a more comfortable, yet functionable (haha what word was I looking for......awk) grip that will get the same job done!

Wait, now I really want to know the word I was trying to use! hahaha I'm strange.
If its in-between your knuckles it could be because she's slightly slipping off when you toss her and her feet rub your hand. It always happens to me.
tell the flyer to be on her toes when she loads in(more weight in her arms) maybe that will take some of the weight off of your hands!!!