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Well I wasn't there, but I watched jamfest Indy online. That was enough for me to know I. Hate. Their. Awards. I also watched the Golden Globes that same night...and I really am not sure which was longer.

I loved US Finals. Quick and to the point.
i LOVE us finals awards! they are quick but at the same time they add alot of suspense which makes it a little more fun to win :p
Least favorite: American Cheer Power...:rolleyes: I'm not sure about this year, but in years past we played toss the beachball and a whole buncha nonsense games before awards were announced-overall it was a very dragged out awards IMO, especially for the older athletes.

Favorite: I have never been to Cheersport, but I like the way their awards are run and I also really like the way US Finals run their awards.

My question for everyone is, what do you prefer as far as placement announcing? Ie. Announcing place by place, just the top 3 or 10th runner up, 9th runner up etc. I think there are so many different ways to announce team placements and each can be taken in different ways. Personally, for the larger the divisions I'd rather not have to sit through ___runner up agazillion times..I know some competitions do a participation type award announcements for teams that didn't place top 5 and announce them in a randomized order-is this okay or not okay? Very curious to hear everyone's opinions! I don't mean to take over the thread..just adding on a little bit :)
If I do recall correctly, most of us on the board went about the rest of our nightly activities: showering, eating dinner, watching tv, winning worlds titles, sailing around south america, physically driving to indy and back, before the jamfest awards for some of the sessions even got to their first winner named. It was one of my favorite threads on the board: Who could come up with the craziest thing to do before Jamfest announced who won 6th place in large senior. I think @cheerKT ended up winning. She did all kinds of crazy things while waiting! :p
I love NCA awards. They are pretty quick to call the teams but when it comes to the last 2 teams, they ask the coaches of each team to shake hands and they have the last 2 teams come to the center of the stage. Once the 1st place team is called, a blast of streamers falls into the air and it makes it very exciting. Getting to walk the hallways carrying that huge trophy to the Champions circle (or whatever it's called) is also very exciting.

My husband likes the heartthumping music that Cheersport plays when it comes down to the last 2 teams but 1st place is called, you take a quick picture and are taken backstage for jackets. I do like that the awards are quick and to the point but would enjoy a little more hoopla.

I hate Cheerpower awards!!!!