Best Teams To Watch This Year

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I would have to say my team Burlington Township (BTHS)....defending our National title in Small Varisity 2012.....exciting!
Twist and Shout Obsession for this season that I've actually seen a video of.

However based on previous years I'd also tell you

Cheer Thunder Senior Open 2.
Maryland Twisters Eye of the Storm (They never dissappoint)
Pro Athletics Youth 2 I believe? (They competed at cheersport last season and the center group did like 7 tick tocks in a circle)
Orlando Angels
And any cali team (love me some west coast choerography)
GA would be on top of my list then...
Orange, big 3 in large senior, cali, Top Gun, Cheetahs, Wildcats, Panthers, Obsession, Midnight
Brandon Senior Black, any worlds-eligible Cali team
i think this year in IOC5 the top 3 that it has been for the past years will not be the same just not sure what team(s) will take those spots.