All-Star best up and coming gym?

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C4 Longhorns are incredible. They dominate almost every lower level division they are in. REALLY hope they have a level 5 this year
Central Jersey All Stars... They have Sm Senior 5, Lg Senior 4, Junior 3, Youth 1. IMO they are the cleanest around and I think their level 5 made it to finals at Worlds this year.
star athletics for suree! they have 5 teams, there showcase is tomorrow!

I don't consider Star Athletics up and coming...they've been great for years.
Besides Rocket Elite in Pa ( thanks to help of coaches and newest coachest) KT and Tri and Trey..ahah I'd have to say Valley Elite from Easton Pa
SPARKS! they have 3 level 5 teams, they are large junior, small limited, and small open, and all of their teams dominate in every level they compete in! there are 8 teams in total i believe.....