Best Way To Get Your Cheerleader Past A Funk?

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Cheer Parent
Jan 17, 2011
Every cheerleader has them. Times where their tumbling is off, their stunting etc. How do you snap the out of their funk? You know they can do it, you just see them getting more and more frustrated with themselves and a perpetuating cycle begins. What are some of YOUR best funk-breaker techniques?
I try to not entertain it so much, i feel the more i feed into it, the more they then tend to feed into it
whenever I'm in a funk about my tumbling or something my mom always tells me that she believes in me, my coach believes in me and I need to believe in myself. Bc my coach has this whole thing w/believe
I was in a funk for legitamently four years, from when i was nine until i was thirteen when i joined a new gym... my new coach basically told me i was a talented athlete and i needed to start acting like it if i wanted to get places in the cheer world... it didn't take long for me to get over it then... i soon found myself center EVERYTHING in that routine...a nd now i am moving so quickly in tumbling like new skills all the time. that coach changed my life,
Lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement from family, friends, and coaches will help but, ultimately it is up to the athlete themselves to figure out the problem and get over their funk.
If your CP is in a funk...i find it best for parents to stay out of it completely. Don't try and talk them out of it. In fact it's best not to talk about cheer at all. Parents can listen to CP's complaints and troubles but try not to give any advise unless they ask for it. Don't bring the subject up and don't talk about it, unless they approach you, then just be supportive.
It's sorta bad the way I say it, but if you bribe them with a treat like, I will give you 3 candy bars if you throw your skill!
If it's going on for a while, just leave her alone. Don't talk about it. Don't get upset about it. The more pressure you put on her by saying "Hows your tumbling going?" The more she's going to shut down. Eventually she'll come out.
thank you everyone for all the advice!:) I am guilty of trying to talk to her about it, and she does just shut down. I am just going to try and not say anything and see if it helps her out. she's a great kid, either way, she'll handle it.
I've learned (the hard way) to just be "Mom." She has a coach, she does not need me to try to be that. All I do is hug, when needed, encourage, when needed, and shut my mouth when necessary.
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