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Mar 6, 2011
What are someways that you, as coaches, or top girls, build body control? Like what are things you do not in the air to help your body control? And no matter how much I tell a girl in the air to be tight and sharp, I feel like I can't get them to do it. Help! Thanks!
ok this sounds stupid but put them on a tumble track have them do jump full turns...this worked for me when I was a can also make them do 1.5 turns unto a ressy. am make sure on the ressy they hold position...Im big on holding position for 2-3 seconds...its great for their core.
Lots of single leg squats, toe raises to get better ankle stability. Depending on the age of your girls, stunting with your shirt tucked up so your stomach is exposed really helped me be aware of how I was holding myself, and helped my coaches identify where I lost muscle control when transitioning between positions. And if I was tight, then they knew it wasn't me but the bases so it made it easier to fix the issue.
As strange as it sounds, have them practice body isolations, like from dance. You teach them to hit four corners with their ribs, their hips, their shoulders, then have them do it in sequence (front back side side, etc). Once they can isolate specific muscle groups, the ability to control and strengthen those specific areas becomes easier and better understood. They begin to get the feel for the areas they need to tighten and the areas they need to stretch and strengthen. I was a dancer all my life and found that once I could do this, everything was tighter, more precise, and actually came more easily to me, and being on pointe is similar to being up in someone's hands (not the exact same, but similar-you need alot of the same core control).