All-Star Born This Way - Lady Gaga

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I am SO over this song! The radio stations in Jersey are playing it every hour on the hour or every hour on the 1/2 hour. Too much Madonna I mean Gaga for me.
While the song may not be one of her best it's still a good song and with all of the Madonna references you'd think that Madonna actually had songs on Billboard today lol. Drawing from your influences is a part of every industry is it not?
Express Yourself 2.0 but I still can't hate the woman.

Completely agree with the 2.0 comment. It sounds like the spawn of Prince and Madonna. NOT good. I have never really been a Gaga fan (because she has always reminded me of a knockoff Madonna) but this song is probably the one song of hers that I just can't listen to. I hope teams skip over it this year but I won't hold my breath on that.
It's a good album - with some shocker songs. I think that since she hit the scene with such wild and crazy songs and videos that the bar has been set pretty high...but take a look back at her history, remember her first single Just Dance? It was very plain and simple and almost "not GAGA!" She has to "re-balance" herself, set us back to ground zero so that we can enjoy the wild ride ahead!

P.S. My kids are tumbling to it at Cheersport next week!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand this song. And the fact that they are jamming it down our throats makes it worse. Although I am biased, and do not believe in the Lady Gaga hype train(wreck).

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