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Nov 23, 2010
Hey Fierce Board,
A local radio station is holding a Fake Film Festival where you recreate your favorite movie in 60 seconds or less.
The grand prize is 10,000 dollars. If we win we would use the money to help pay for our trips to worlds this season.
Part of the judging is based on popularity so we need as many views as possible.

Here is the link:​

We are asking for your help, all you have to do is watch, send it to your friends, family, team mates, athletes, EVERYONE!
Not only would you be helping us out but its pretty funny as well.
Let me know what you think!
Thanks so much for your help,
Sara Wright​
Vancouver All Stars​
Vancouver, BC, CANADA.​
this is GREAT!!!!
this is posted below the video...
Hey, sorry, I had to unlist this one because when I uploaded it, youtube counted it as 1:01 which would disqualify us from the contest. I have re-uploaded it with the proper time counter. Here is the link to the new one
should we be watching the new one instead? just asking since you mentioned part of the judging is based on popularity/# of views and the video ending at 1:01 has almost 500 views right now and the video ending at 1:00 only has 141 views.

anyway, love the video! you guys did an awesome job with it!
I edited the first post so both links were to the 1:00 long one. Good luck!
Thanks everyone for all your support!
if you really loved it take 2 minutes of your time and rate our video with 5 STARS
I know you have to sign up but it is super easy. All it takes is am email address and you would really be helping us out!

Click on the link, sign in and rate us 5 stars!

We really appreciate all the love from the cheer community!
Your help mean helping us get to worlds!
Ice Queen.