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Oct 3, 2010
Have you been bullied in one way or another through your experience in cheer & dance, school and the real world? Do you see any difference outside our community vs. inside? Would you like to help Cheer for a Cause with our June anti-bullying cause? We're looking for real life stories and video of your experiences to raise awareness and help others. PM me if you want to help and post comments about your experiences here. Let's get talking!

If you're looking for help, here are a couple of resources: & The Trevor Project
There's also a Cheer & Dance World facebook page to join at Bullying is Nothing to Cheer About
We are producing the 975SavesLives anti-bullying video this week! You can have a voice against bullying!!! If you would like to have your picture featured in the video, just take a picture of yourself or your team (wear a shirt that shows who you are) with either the sign I'm attaching here or one you make. (just use an 8-1/2" by 11" sheet of paper or card...) It can say "Cheerleaders Against Bullying" - "I was bullied" - "RIP Jeff" - "975 Saves Lives" or anything that is meaningful to you that relates to bullying. Email the picture to me at [email protected]. You can also post up to our facebook page at
Our hearts matter. We have a voice. Let's make them hear us!
H.R.975 is a House of Representatives bill that is in committee now. We have a petition at Human Rights Petition: Bully FREE ZONE USA - 975 SAVES LIVES | and are aggressively supporting it. More info is on our website at​

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