All-Star Burlesque

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Jan 1, 2011
Everytime I watch this movie when (the credits roll at the end) I always think about GA Allstar Sr Coed 5 when they danced to Beautiful People...that is to this day my most favorite dance EVER!!! And the middle girl Kim worked that dance like no other!!! Does anyone else do that or is it just me???
i just saw this movie for the first time over the weekend and omg i loved it!!!!

i more think of F5's dance in the beginning of the season before they changed it.
this weekend was my first time watching it...and i have watched it 5 times...i am in LOVE with that movie....but i don't remember f5's dance from the beginning of the season...then agin i have the worst memory ever!!
I saw it 4 times in theaters, plus like a million other times on DVD haha. Everytime it gets to the Tough Lover scene I think about Green Bay Elite Pink's dance :)
My cp did her indy to the burlesque"theme". It its really cute! She is doing it at battle at the beach this weekend.....
Not open for further replies.