All-Star California Smo-ed.

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Dec 14, 2009
Who is pumped to see the California S-M-O-E-D kiddies unveil what they've got in store for this season? I know I am getting ridiculously excited for their debut in a little under 2 hours!

So many reasons to be excited for this team, what is everyone thinking?

Video will be posted here after performance tonight :)
I just really want them to hit everything!<3
I think that any team that is putting out a full routine (un-watered down) at this point in the game has major guts!

I think more importantly we have to see the creativity, and potential to what the routine holds now - so that we can understand what it will evolve to come April.

But I'm right there with you, I want them to hit and, send shock waves through their divsion.
I've been waiting for this since Day Two of worlds. For all Cali teams not just SMOED. But still super excited to see them!
SMOED just went, some stunting/ pyramid issues, a tumbling bust and a touch down - but, god wait until you guys see better yet COUNT the skills in this routine.

Also, the music apparently shut off in the middle of the routine, right after jumps? What the heck?!
Video should be up soon. Skills by the boat load it sounds like.

The routine was NOT watered down, some hiccups should be expected at that caliber I'd say?
Awesome! It's their first performance and sounds like they're coming out hard so mistakes are bound to be made I'm just excited to see the routine!