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Apr 8, 2010
Does anyone have Celebrity by Jay karan Pendavis??? .... i neeeeeedddd it .. i had it but lost in wen my laptop crashed... please anyone pm me .. or email to [email protected] .. thanks a bunch
Bumping this thread to see if OP or anyone else ever managed to find this song. I NEED it in my life!
i've been trying to find that song too. and i can't...ANYWHERE. so it'd be much appreciated if anyone did have it :)
you've made my life complete :)
lol it made my life tooo :).. i woke up that morning . but on someshorts.. and check for my cell phone before i left for school and SAY WHAM.. i found my sophomore flash drive with ALL of jay Karan and all of my music from 2009 .. I WAS ecstatic :) ..all haveJay karan exlcusive (but quality isnt perfect :/ )