All-Star Charlotte All Stars On Outrageous Kids Parties

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Dec 19, 2009
Did anyone else just see Charlotte on TLCs outrageous kids parties? They got hired to perform at one of the parties on the show
I saw it too, but I'm wondering what the point of them being there was? They didn't see to do too much.. or maybe tlc just didn't show it?
im sorry but did anyone see the hair and make up price?! $850.00 and it didnt look good.. if they gave me that ammount i would of done a better job with this teasing the hair and what not.. or they could of just payed one of the charlotte mom's to do it and it would of came out soooo much better then what they did!

or they could of just woken up out of bed and clipped in some colored hair and BAM! ready to party!