All-Star Cheer Apparel?

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Nov 28, 2010
I'm shopping online for some new cheer wear, like stuff to wear to practice/t shirts to school and such, and I was wondering where do you get your cheer stuff? I'm looking for Cheer Extreme, Georgia, Stingray AllStars and such and I know most gyms have a pro shop but i wanted to see pics of you in your cheer stuff and where you get it! Thanks :)
I can't post pics:(
But I'll make a list!
I have a California bullets sweatshirt in black I got it from the proshop. I also have a world cup home of the shootingstars tee, I got it from their proshop too. I also am getting a, rays, and cea shirt sometime soon:)
if you go to the wiki, there is a list of links to different gyms proshops. some including stingrays, california, CEA, and world cup