Cheer Power Mini Nationals Houston Scores Day 1

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Jan 22, 2011
I can only post on the Newbie's section so someone may want to copy this to the other thread!
Scores as of Day 1

Twist &Shout (Lg Ltd) 92.92
Texas Lonestar Co-Red (Lg Ltd) 92.18
Prodigy All Stars Midnight (Sm. Ltd) 90.22
Twist & Shout (Sm. Ltd) 88.46
Universtiy Cheer Air Force One (Sm. Ltd) 87.54
Woodlands Elite Generals (Lg. AG) 87.38
Express (Sm. AG) 87.34
Texas Lone Star Red (Sm. AG) 87.02
All I know is WE Colonels had a 92 something and T&S had a 90 something. Both had 2.5 points in deductions. I don't know anything about the jr coed division though.
Yes that does put Colonels in second for overall level 5 highpoint, but of course. We will be skipped over for the bids since were a junior team.

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