Cheer Pride Of Nj- May 9-13!

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    If you are an athlete in North or Central NJ, this is where you want to be!


    WE WANT YOU to join our growing and successful family! Season 4 is already looking to be our BIGGEST and our BEST! If you want to be pushed to your potential, learn new skills, gain confidence, and be a part of something bigger than yourself, then Cheer Pride is for YOU! Don't hang around in one of "those" programs who use you up for your skills and never let you move to the next level. Come to the gym where every athlete is trained to be the highest level that they can be! If you qualify for our Level 3 or 4 team, you will be able to attend JAMFEST SUPERNATIONALS this year for FREE on a PAID BID!

    Here is a list of our accomplishments in our first 3 seasons:
    - At Large Bid to the Summit
    - Several PAID bids to US Finals
    - US Finals National Champions
    - Over a dozen regional and national titles
    - 8 Grand Championships
    - 2 Innovative Choreography awards
    - WOW Award
    - Spirit Award
    - Sportsmanship Award

    Check out our website to see why Cheer Pride is for YOU!
    Contact your gym owner, Lisa, directly with any questions about our successful, family friendly program!
    Lisa- 973-432-2885