Cheering With A Cold !

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Jan 3, 2011
I H.A.T.E cheering with a cold, broken fingers, cuts, bruises and even minor cunchusion are nothing compared to the common COLD.

When your repping the routine and you can't breath through your nose so are having to breath through your mouth but make it look like a facial, then you hit the dance and start to sing along ! and then you can no longer breath at all! because your nose is blocked and your talking.....

I wish there was a pill you could take to make a cold go away! I try to avoid infected people, even on my team if im stunting with some one with a cold i try not to breath around them BUT IT ALWAYS CATCHES ME !

Its got me right now, not looking forward to training :(

The runny nose is the WORST! Its impossible to tumble or do anything. When ever I get sick I always take allergy medicine so that it stops my runny nose and watery eyes. Just make sure its the non-drowsy kind lol.
A couple years ago I competed at Jamfest Nationals with what I thought was just a "cold" but two days after when I finally got to the doctor's I found out I had pneumonia! It was terrible. I took dayquil and tylenol, cough drop one after the other, and used Vick's vapor rub until I could get antibiotics. Maybe that would help you
I HATE cheering with the common cold, its terribleee. Its the worst I can never breath after a fullout routine when i'm sickkk :p
The thought of the germs being passed because you know there is no tissue, you are right in their face stunting and holding hands and girls can't miss unless they have a fever, I'm surprised the team ever gets healthy. As soon as we get in the car, I hand out the hand sanitizer.