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Nov 28, 2010
What are some of the funny cheer related facebook pages yall have 'liked'? Here are some of mine..
I hate when Brandon Senior Black sets me on fire with passion and desire
"Hey you - i have cheer practice"
Cheer Extreme better X themselves out in 2010-2011
I hate when I'm stroking my panther and I make its claws come out
I hate when I trip backwards and accidently throw a standing full
Competitive cheerleading is a sport, I'd love to see you try and do what we do
Hit, Hit, Hit, PULL!
Cheerleading isn't a sport? HA. Ever been to worlds? Didn't think so

Share some of yours! :)
Hmm... wonder if anyone can find the old thread we had with these. They were hilarious.
Sorry! I searched for the thread because I know I saw it one time but I didn't find anything so I just started a new thread!
Nahh, it was waaay far back... Like around this time last year-ish. Would have been hard to find anyways haha.