All-Star "cheerleading Is Not A Sport"

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Nov 28, 2010
What do you say or what video do you showsomeone whenever they say ''Cheerleading isn't a sport!"? I usually pull up a video of Top Gun Unlimited Coed's 2010 routine at NCA...they become absolutely speechless.

Have at it :)
Normally I just do this.
Whenever someone says that I think they don't have any knowledge about all star cheer. They probably don't know that is has a gymnastics aspect to it (tumbling). If you think gymnastics is a sport, you've gotta think that cheer is. Also, they probably don't know that in a routine you are moving at a fast pace for 2.5 minutes. Just like when you're playing a basketball, soccer, or football game when you're running back and forth constantly. They most likely don't know that cheeleaders are athletes (a lot of them have the muscles to show off and prove it). You also have to be flexible to be a great cheerleader, especially flyers, but being flexible helps sooo much with tumbling and prevents injuries. Ask this person to do the splits. Ask them to do a back bridge. Ask them to pull their leg behind their head.
They probably don't know that cheerleading is very dangerous. Flyers are sometimes dropped from high heights and bases have to catch the person falling. Sometimes this results in injury which could be serious. And again bringing gymnastics into it; tumbling can also cause injury. (Show someone Maryland Marlins Tsunami Day 2 at Worlds when Brea hurt her knee badly enough that she couldn't walk on it and fell to the mat.) I even know people who have broken wrists and arms doing back walkovers.
Cheerleading has so many stereotypes that really don't do it justice, such as we're "peppy, stupid., popular, stuck up, etc.". There are people who aren't cheerleaders, and some who are, whose personality is like that. Not all cheerleaders have the same personalities.
Also, when I tell people I cheer, they think I cheer for a community football league or something. Then when I try to explain what All Star cheer is they don't get that it is a sport. Some people just can't think it's a sport until they've actually tried it, or seen me at practice working so hard that I'm sweating and panting.
Just show them a video of a great Worlds team as @U.E. Cheer said and ask them, "Can you do that?". Top Gun (especially Unlimited at 2008 Worlds) is a great example because their routines are packed with insane tumbling and crazy pyramids.
Then there's the people whose opinion won't change no matter how much evident you give. Don't bother with them.

Anyways, what I've basically said in a lot of writing is that when people say this, they just don't have enough knowledge about All Star Cheer.
I rant, on and on. But senior elite 2010 worlds is always my video go-to. :)
One day, this guy told me cheerleading was not a sport; and I started argueing. Then, the next day, I asked him: "Only sports and sport-talk things come on ESPN right?" He was like: "yes." Then I said: "Cheerleading comes on ESPN." He said: "Whatever, that doesn't count." Ignorant people these days... :deadhorse:
Also tenpin bowling, lawn bowls (seriously they televise it on free to air telly in Australia), walking … all sports.

like it makes no sense, ask a bowler to run a mile and then a cheerleader to run a mile and the cheerleader will be in 10x more physical shape then the bowler. i think they are just jealous that we can still look good while performing and they cant:) we get the pretty outfits, make-up, cute hair, big bows...and we can tumble, whip our hair as much as we want and toss a couple chicks in the air while looking fierce.
i honestly don't understand why baseball and golf can be considered sports but cheerleading can't....

I know, but both those sports are more organized and have more unified sets of rules. Plus they are very mainstream. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people only know cheerleading as the activity that is done on the sidelines at other people's sporting events.

I also think it's hard for people to consider cheerleading a sport because they've never done it before and therefore think it looks "easy". They've tried baseball and golf before and know firsthand how difficult those activities are, but very few people have actual experience attempting cheerleading and cannot appreciate the effort that is really required to participate.