All-Star NEWS: Cheer Athletics Cheetahs theme + uniform reveal, showcase videos & cheerleading has turned 125!

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Sep 12, 2020
Welcome back to another weekly recap of allstar cheer!

Showcase videos & upcoming dates​

📷 Showcase videos: Cheer Athletics, South Coast Cheer, MAC’s Cheer & Top Gun All-Stars 24k’s impressive level 4 routine (more Top Gun routines will be shown at the Miami showcase on November 19th).

📆 Coming this weekend:
  • Brandon All-Stars
  • ICE All-Stars
  • CheerVille
  • Steele Athletics “Red Carpet Premiere”
  • KC Cheer
See the exact dates + add more showcases here: 2023-2024 Cheerleading Season Showcase Dates


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